Monday, August 25, 2014

The Girl Who Played with Fire

Book Menu for The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson

ISBN of edition I read: 9780307269980 (hardcover)

Food mention in The Girl Who Played with Fire:
Ice coffee, 9
Chin-ups (Grenadian fruit), 12
Mangoes, 19
Mineral water, 20, 42
Calamari and chips, 20
Carib (beer), 20, 24, 46
Coke, 20, 43, 147
Rum and coke, 23
Caffe latte, 24, 33, 42, 68
Cheese sandwich, 42, 474
Eggs and toast, 42
Kefir, 59
Cinnamon rolls, 60, 231
Pizza, 66, 47, 196
     Hawaiian pizza, 351
Brie baguette, 68
Cheesecake with raspberry ice cream, 78
Sweet and sour chicken, 79
Tullamore Dew, 79
Couscous and lamb, 91
Macaroni and cheese, 117
Aquavit, 169, 373
Grappa, 170
Vestfyn Pilsner, 234
Vodka and lime juice, 241
Grilled lamb, 350
Apple, 404, 472
Spaghetti with meat sauce, 405
Quinta do Noval (Nacional!, 1976), 462
Ham pies, 462

Books/Authors mentioned in The Girl Who Played With Fire:
From Russia with Love / Ian Fleming, 79
Astrid Lindgren, 238
     Pippi Longstocking , 456
Crime and Punishment / Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 469

Music mentioned in The Girl Who Played with Fire:
Sven Ingvars, 10
Nick Cave, 10
"No Woman No Cry" / Bob Marley, 19
"Maria" / Debbie Harry, 234
"Cat People (Putting out the fire)" / David Bowie, 455
"On a Slow Boat to China", 491

Magazines mentioned in The Girl Who Played with Fire:
Popular Science, 11, 20
Caribbean Traveller, 11

Libraries/Librarians mentioned in The Girl Who Played with Fire:
p. 13  "But Salander was given a different picture of things when she met Philip Campbell--teacher, librarian, and Baptist preacher. She had taken a room in his guesthouse for the first few days."

p. 292 "Paolo Robert was one of the last to leave the library. He had spent the afternoon reading every line that had been written about the hunt for Salander."

p. 320 "[Salander] had thought over the possibilities and then applied for a summer job at the library in Langvik. In a break from her cleaning duties, it took her about then minutes to get detailed blueprints of the whole building."

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