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What people are saying about Book Menus

  • "Four Books That Make Us Hungry" (see fourth book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo)   
         - Emerald Street    
  • Girl with Dragon Tattoo Eats - "Here’s a blog that keeps track of food mentions in books..."
  •  wonderzine.com - "The author does not cook, like everyone else in our collection, but analyzes the texts of works and writes out all the dishes that are found in them..."
  • Book Journey - " I found a fun little website called Book Menus that had a list of ALL the food in The Secret Life Of Bees.  Seriously, how cool is that?  We had pulled pork sandwiches and I made ham."
  • Sense and Simplicity"Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed the frequent eating and drinking - check out [the Book Menus Blog] that lists all the food mentioned in [The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo].