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Among Schoolchildren

Book Menu for Among Schoolchildren by Tracy Kidder

Food mentioned in Among Schoolchildren:
Applesauce, 24
Apples, 29
Coffee 46, 48, 70, 198, 243
Birthday cake, 92
Apple juice, 130
Candy canes, 130
Boxed candy 142
Gingerbread, 142
Crackers, 185
Funions, 197
Cheese puffs, 197
Corned beef and cabbage, 219
Kielbasa, 219
Chocolate bunnies, 227
Chocolate Easter eggs, 227
Roast pork and beans, 235
Yams, 235
Plantains, 235
Chicken stew, 235
Pastelillos, 235
Tollhouse cookies, 264
Wine jelly, 270
Ice cream, 279

Books/Authors mentioned in Among Schoolchildren:
War and Peace / Leo Tolstoy, 8
Willard Waller, 49
Make Way for Ducklings / Robert McCloskey, 151
My Brother Sam is Dead / James Lincoln Collier, 163
Judy Blume, 257
Laura Ingalls Wilder, 257
David Copperfield / Charles Dickens, 257
To Be a Slave / Julius Lester, 289
W.E.B. DuBois, 299
Deschooling Society / Ivan Illich, 301
Death at an Early Age / Jonathan Kozol, 302
Langston Hughes, 302
The Lives of Children / George Dennison, 302
"The Runaway" / Robert Frost, 320-321

Movies mentioned in Among Schoolchildren:
Cobra, 40
Friday the 13th, 191

Music mentioned in Among Schoolchildren:
"My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean", 57
Michael Jackson, 133
"Da Doo Ron Ron" / The Crystals, 150
"Walk Like an Egyptian" / The Bangles, 284
Beastie Boys, 328
"Talk Dirty to Me" / Poison, 328

Magazines mentioned in Among Schoolchildren:
Time, 32

Discussable Quote:
The problem is fundamental. Put twenty or more children of roughly the same age in a little room, confine them to desks, make them wait in lines, make them behave. It is as if a secret committee, now lost to history, had made a study of children and, having figured out what the greatest number were least disposed to do, declared that all of them should do it. p.115 

Page numbers refer to the hardcover edition (ISBN: 0395475910)

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