Thursday, September 28, 2017

That Old Cape Magic

Book menu for That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

ISBN of edition I read: 9780375414961

Food mentioned in That Old Cape Magic:
Gin, 7
Clam chowder, 12
Pasties, 56, 242
Sandwiches, 58
Coke, 58
Spiced ham, 58
Hard salami, 58
Marinated mushrooms & artichokes, 58
Hot cherry peppers, 58
Macaroni salad, 58
Hot dogs, 58 Hamburgers, 58, 61
Grilled chicken, 58
Ice cream, 61
Fried scallops, 62
Martinis,41, 69, 83, 249, 251
Tapas, 41
Prime rib, 83, 85
Maker's whiskey, 85
Cosmopolitans, 85-86, 109, 249
Mimosas, 90
Champagne, 109, 112
Margaritas, 135
Mineral water, 138
Wine, 168, 185, 230
Coffee, 168, 193, 256
Sing malt scotch, 232-233, 235-236
Crab king legs, 242
Lamb chops, 242
Eggnog, 246
Christmas cookies, 246
Fried calamari with hot peppers, 256
Sticky buns, 256

Books/Authors mentioned in That Old Cape Magic:
P.G Wodehouse, 9, 53, 242
     Bertie Wooster Sees It Through, 9
Naked Lunch / William S. Burroughs, 9, 21
Agatha Christie, 16
The Bronte sisters, 17
Patricia Highsmith, 18
Shakespeare, 173
     Cymbeline, 36
Henry Miller, 53
Canterbury Tales, 68
Huckleberry Finn / Mark Twain, 70
Henry David Thoreau, 77-78, 178
The Da Vinci Code / Dan Brown, 84
William Wordsworth, 114
William Thackeray, 173

Music mentioned in That Old Cape Magic:
Jazz, throughout the book
Livin' On A Prayer / Bon Jovi, 118, 120, 232
Teach Your Children Well / Crobsy Stills Nash Young, 230

Movies mentioned in That Old Cape Magic:
Animal House, 112

Libraries mentioned in The Old Cape Magic:
p. 14: It was entirely possible, Griffin knew, this was the real reason [his mother had] called: to remind him of who she was, who she'd been, that she still had privileges at the Yale library. She might not actually need any books.

p. 16-17: [Griffin] supposed it was possible she really did need the books from Sterling. At eighty-five, her physical health failing, she was still mentally sharp and claimed to be researching a book on one of the Brontes ("You remember books, right? Bound objects? Lots and lots of pages? Print that goes all the way out to the margins?"). But he made a mental notes to check her list to make sure he couldn't find them in his own college library.

p. 46-47: But to Joy his dreaming might have sounded more like a promise. "A professor's house, then," she said, exited, when he mentioned teaching. That meant a library with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and comfortable chairs for reading, a big OED on its own stand, a small stereo for quiet, contemplative music.

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