Saturday, March 19, 2011

War by Sebastian Junger

Book Menu for War by Sebastian Junger

ISBN of edition I read:  9780446556248 (hardcover)

This book was adapted into the documentary film Restrepo : one platoon, one valley, one year. Both the book and the film are haunting and shed great light on the realities of combat in a very dangerous valley in Afghanistan.

Food mentioned in War:
Coffee, 5, 54, 57
Philly Cheesesteak, 54
Fruit-flavored candies, 57
Chocolate energy bar, 103
Thai chicken, 169
Champagne, 179
Gatorade, 218

Books and Authors mentioned in War:
Harry Potter, 70
Author: Carl von Clausewitz
Anatomy of Fear / Lord Moran
George Orwell, 89
The Warriors / J. Glenn Gary
Lord of the Flies, 200
The American Soldier: combat and its aftermath, 236, 238-9
Herman Melville, 252

Music mentioned in War:
classical and flamenco guitar, 59
Chuck Berry, 94
Jimi Hendrix, 133
"Paint it Black" / Rolling Stones, 173

Movies mentioned in War:
Napoleon Dynamite, 21, 159
Blood In, Blood Out, 158

Famous people mentioned in War:
Marcus Luttrell, 50-51