Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Book menu for Zeitoun by Dave Eggers

ISBN of edition I read: 9781934781630 (library binding)

Food mentioned in Zeitoun:
Orange juice, 17
Popeyes Chicken, 57
Salad, 57
Milk, 57
Hot dogs, 86
Grilled chicken breasts and vegetables, 120
Grilled lamb, 148
Ice cream, 208
Crackers and cheese, 232
Ham sandwiches, 238
Beef stew, 244
Bacon omelet, 248
Scrambled eggs and sausage, 255

Books/Authors mentioned in Zeitoun:
The Road / Cormac McCarthy, epigraph
Mark Twain, epigraph
Harry Potter / J.K. Rowling, 17
Jane Austen, 20
Anne Rice, 31
The Qur'an, throughout the book

Movies mentioned in Zeitoun:
Pride and Prejudice, 17, 58
The Phantom of the Opera, 17

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