Friday, January 25, 2013

Life of Pi

Book menu for Life of Pi by Yann Martel

ISBN of edition I read: 9780547848419 (trade paperback, movie tie-in)

Food mentioned in The Pi of Life:
Sambar, 7, 212, 243                                             
     Tamarind sambar, 243                                      
     Onion sambar, 243                                           
Pizza, 7                                                                
Macaroni and cheese, 25                                     
Vegetarian tacos, 25                                              
Biscuits, 53                                                            
Ice cream, 69, 72, 91, 212, 216                              
     Ice cream sandwiches, 70                                  
     Vanilla with chocolate sauce, 244                        
Chutney, 80                                                         
     Coconut chutney, 244                                        
     Mint chutney, 244
Bananas, 112, 197, 250, 292-4
Masala dosai with cocount chutney, 143, 243
Oothappam, 143, 247-8
Idli, 143, 243
Dark chocolate, 140
Dahl soup, 212
Hot chapattis, 212
     Cardomom payasam, 212
     Almond payasam, 244
     Mint payasam, 244
Figs, 243
Black gram dahl rice, 243
Vegetable sagu, 243
Potato masala, 243
Cabbage vadai, 243
Lentil rasam 243,
Stuffed eggplant poriyal, 243
Coconut yam kootu, 243, 244
Green chilli pickle, 244
Gooseberry pickle, 244
Nan, 244
Popadoms, 244
Parathas, 244
Puris, 244
Mango curd salad, 244
Okra salad, 244
Cucumber salad, 244
Jaggery pancake, 244
Peanut toffee, 244
Coconut burfi, 244
Boiled beef tongue, 244
Tripes a la mode de Caen, 244
Sweetbread w/ mushroom sauce, 245
Suckling pig stuffed w/ rice, 245
Veal kidney w/ butter, mustard, parsley sauce, 245
Chicken liver sausages, 245
Pate, 245
Tartar steak, 245
Boudin with apple sauce,245
Cookies, 291-6, 301, 318
Chocolate bar, 298, 311

Books mentioned in Life of Pi:
Comics by Ramyana, 66
Comics by Mahabharata, 66
Robert Louis Stevenson , 73
Arthur Conan Doyle , 73
R. K. Narayan , 73
Robinson Crusoe / Daniel Dafoe, 73
The Imitation of Christ / Thomas A Kempis, 76

Magazines mentioned in Life of Pi:
National Geographic, 116

Libraries mentioned in Life of Pi:
page 78: "A zoo is a cultural institution. Like a public library, like a museum, it is at the service of popular education and science. And by this token, not much of a money-making venture..."

Discussion questions for Life of Pi:
What is the significance, if any, of the color orange? (The entire interior of the life boat is painted orange)
What part interested you more: that of the zoo or the discourse on religion? Explain.
What is the author's and/or narrator's opinion of Christianity and Hinduism?
What about this novel stayed with you long after you finished reading it?

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