Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Stars of Summer

Book Menu for The Stars of Summer by Tara Dairman

ISBN of edition I read: 9780391170690 (hardcover)

This is the second installment of the All Four Stars series.  Please, Ms. Dairman, write a third!  Here are more of twelve-year-old Gladys Gatsby's delicious adventures as an undercover restaurant reviewer. The last few paragraphs leave us all hanging....perfect!

Food mentioned in the The Stars of Summer:
Strawberry-lime cake, 1, 29
Roasted asparagus, 5
Fried eggplant, 5, 14
Stuffed peppers, 5
Calamari, 10
Potato omelet, 10
Smoked almonds, 10, 16
Goose kebabs, 10, 20
Polenta cakes, 11
Lobster claws, 12
Rabbit sausage with bean stew, 12
Beef-filled baguette, 13
Olive oil crisped potato wedges, 13, 20
Ham-wrapped roasted asparagus, 13
Chorizo sausage, 15
Gazpacho, 15
Corn tortillas, 18
Creme brulee, 19, 317
Golden beet puree, 20
Flan, 23, 27
Gajarka halwa, 30
Ham and cheese sandwiches, 68, 78
Bologna and cheese sandwiches, 68-69, 71
Hog dogs, throughout the entire book
     Thai deep fried dogs on a stick, 182, 190, 223
     Chilean completo italiano dog, 182, 190, 234
     Icelandic hot dogs (pylsur), 187-188, 190, 205, 210, 215
     Sonoran dog, 190, 205, 224
     Chili dog, 213
     Corn dog, 213
Sloppy joes, 71, 167
Apples, 73
Lemon bars, 83, 158
Ravioli, 99
Red-red, 100
Baked beans, 106
Key lime pie, 113
Tatale, 116
Bialys and schmear, 127-128
Cardamom-almond muffins, 148
Yogurt, fruit, and granola parfaits, 148, 151
Muffins and jam, 151
Mini baguette sandwiches with hummus, Sardo cheese & watercress, ch. 18
Maple flavored cupcakes, 179
Tempura vegetables, 181
Pasta salad with garlic pesto, 186
Brownies, 194, 1-6, 208
Gado-gado, 203
Asparagus sauteed in garlic butter, 207
Strawberry shortcake, 207
Blueberry crepes, 209
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, 217
Peach, 219
Seared tofu and pomegranate seed salad, 222
Mote con huesillo, 234
White bean soup, 266
Oatmeal raisin cookies, 278
Bobotie, 304
Bunny chow, 304
Peri-peri chicken, 305
Gatsby sandwich, 306
     (foot-long with hot chips, Vienna sausage, Indian curried pickles)
 Panzanella salad, 329

Libraries mentioned in The Stars of Summer :
"Now that school was out, [Gladys] was looking forward to a long summer of trying new recipes, broken up only by bike rides to Mr. Eng's for more ingredients or the library for more cookbooks." p.19

"It had been a while since Gladys had visited The Book Dump -- she usually found all the reading material she wanted at the library." p.151

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