Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I am Avhor

Book Menu for I am Avhor by Brian Ditchek
ISBN of edition I read: 9781504969345 (paperback)

I read this young adult science fiction novel as a judge for the 2016 Independent Publishers of New England Book Awards.  Although there were a handful of awkward phrases and sentences, as well as couple of typos, it was a well-written novel.  I did keep thinking "fanfic" the entire time I was reading. (a mashup of Game of Thrones, The Martian, and maybe the Hunger Games). Still, it's a page turner that my husband and our young adult librarian are now reading. 

Food mentioned  in I am Avhor:
Soup & bread, 20
Fish and vegetables, 27
Baked fruit bread, 32
Cold shellfish and cheese salad, 42
Milk, 157
Oatmeal, 159, 192
Fish stew, 160
Fruit, 164,218
Pastries, 164
Cold fish soup, 190
Pork with Korar sauce, 191
Eggs, 218
Coffee, 262

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