Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Book menu for "Wakefield" (short story) by E.L. Doctorow

ISBN of edition I read: 9781400069637
   (hardcover; from the story collection All the Time in the World)

Food mentioned in "Wakefield":
White wine, 10
Grilled veal chop, 12-13
Baked potato, 12-13
Salad 12
Margaritas, 15
Crackers, 16
Nuts, 16
Coffee, 20, 35
Cake, 29
   Chocolate cake, 29
   Strawberry cake, 29
Apple, 31
Chicken legs, 31

Music mentioned in "Wakefield":
Schubert, 37

Art mentioned in "Wakefield":
"Maja" / Goya, 15

Libraries mentioned in "Wakefield":
p. 20: I took myself in my tatters to the business district and availed myself of the town's social services. In the public library, which, not incidentally, had a well-kept men's room, I read the daily papers as if informing myself of life on another planet. I thought it was more my image to the read the papers than to sit at one of the library computers.

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