Sunday, March 18, 2018

Past the Bleachers

Book menu for Past the Bleachers by Chris Bohjalian
ISBN of edition I read: 0881848026 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Past the Bleachers:
Hot dogs, 11
Gatorade, 11, 182
Coffee, 25-26, 69, 186
Chicken 32, 138
Coca-Cola, 44
Maple syrup, 79
Spinach & salmon fettuccine, 89
Blueberry yogurt, 93
Chopped apples with peanut butter, 93
Spaghetti, 111-112
Wine, 138-139, 212
Hamburgers, 155
Chutney, 169
Brownies, 193
Ice cream, 210, 217
    Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate sauce, 210
Shrimp & Strawberry soup, 212
Ice tea, 212
Bread, 213
Asparagus, 217
Cotton candy, 229, 232
Kool-Aid, 239

Books/Authors mentioned in Past the Bleachers:
"Fathers playing catch with sons" / Donald Hall, epigraph
Garfield comics, 47

Music mentioned in Past the Bleachers:
The Four Seasons / Vivaldi, 213

Magazines mentioned in Past the Bleachers:
Vermont Life, 244

Television programs mentioned in Past the Bleachers:
Jeopardy, 193

Libraries mentioned in Past the Bleachers:
p.48: The books are almost antiques now.
        "Can kids even find these books today?"
        Harper nods her head that they can."The Sedgebury library has almost the entire series, and even
        Lincoln and Havington have a couple each."

p. 235: "Yeah!" he finally answers, shouting over the roar of the roller coaster. "I did see some blonde
            babe. She was lookin' for dinosaur books."
           "What did you tell her?"
           "I told her to try a library," he says smirking. He then turns away from me, looking up at the
            Lava Coaster's last car..."

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