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Book menu for Euphoria by Lily King

Food mentioned in Euphoria
Gin, 5, 8, 110
Champagne, 12
Beef, 21
Mashed potatoes, 21
Wax beans, 21
Martinis, 38
Whiskey, 42, 46, 151, 216-217, 249
Tea, 119, 151
Jelly buttons, 57
Baked yams, 62
Jackfruit, 62
Sago cake, 99, 208
Coffee, 99, 179, 199, 213
Canned peaches, 106
Guava juice, 110
Biscuits, 119
Champagne, 150
Caramels, 151
Canned pears, 152
Canned sardines, 177
Apricots, 177
Dried fish, 208
Veal, 231
Welsh rarebit, 23
Spaghetti, 231
Cognac, 235-236, 238

Books/Authors mentioned in Euphoria:
Margaret Mead, epigraph
Ruth Benedict, epigraph
William Blake, 30
Alfred Tennyson, 30
"Hardness of Heart" (poem) / Edward Shillito, 31, 212
Amy Lowell, 92
     "Decade", 192
Light in August / William Faulkner, 139
Romeo and Juliet / William Shakespeare, 139
W. H. Auden, 170
Vaslaw Nijinsky, 190
Serge Diaghilev, 190
Edna St. Vincent Millay, 190
"The Ballad of Father Gilligan" (poem) / W.B. Yeats, 212
Rupert Brooke, 212
Wilfred Owen, 212
Sidfried Sassoon, 212

Many more books are also listed in the acknowledgments.

Magazine mentioned in Euphoria:
The New Yorker, 66, 231, 248

Music mentioned in Euphoria:
"Lady of Spain" (song), 19

Title mentioned on:
Page 50: "'It's that moment about two months in, when you think you've finally got a handle on the place. Suddenly if feels within your grasp. It's a delusion--you've only been there eight weeks--and it's followed by the complete despair of ever understanding anything. But at that moment the place feels entirely yours. It's the briefest, purest euphoria.'"

Page 115: She looked like she did not know quite what to do with me.

"'I didn't want to miss the euphoria. I haven't, have I? You said it happened at the second-month mark.'"

One of my favorite passages from Euphoria:
"We're always, in everything we do in this world, she said, limited by subjectivity. But our perspective can have an enormous wingspan, if we give it the freedom to unfurl.", p.50

Pages numbers refer to the hardcover edition: (ISBN 9780802122551)

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