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The Oracle of Maracoor


Book menu for The Oracle of Maracoor by Gregory Maguire

Food mentioned in The Oracle of Maracoor:
Pomegranates, 16-17, 121-122
Pineapples, 20
Nuts, 29
Berries, 29
     Raspberries, 205
Cherries, 29
Olives, 29
Apples, 36, 38, 46-48, 50, 141-142, 149-150
Ale, 117
     Cherry ale, 45
Biscuits, 45, 201
Bread and jam, 49
Tea, 73 76
Scones, 76
Omelets, 98
Lamb stew, 113
Crumpets and cream, 120
Honeycake, 133
Chicken with tamarind glaze, 179
Wine, 180
Lemonade, 201
Ginger nuts, 205
Hard cider, 223
Sherry, 231
Fruits and cheeses, 235
Pastries, 235

Books mentioned in The Oracle of Maracoor:
The Human Factor / Graham Green, epigraph
Uncle Stephen
/ Forrest Reid, epigraph
Charles Dickens, 213

My favorite passages from The Oracle of Maracoor:
"But then, no one experienced anyone else's life. That was the curse of individuality, and maybe the safety of it, too. The privacy of shame, of regret." (p. 165)

"So much of what we call wisdom is just the aftershock of survival." (p. 197)

"'Most of us flee home to escape how we seem to be becoming. Some of us never stop fleeing. But in this world, hearth-tenders are urgent agents, too. Go home and tend your hearth. If you can. Do a better job than I ever did.'" (p.260)

Page numbers refer to the hardcover edition (ISBN 9780063094017)

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