Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Girls in Pants:the Third Summer of the Sisterhood

Book menu for Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares

ISBN of the copy I read 0385729359 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Girls in Pants
Gummi worms, 13
Ritz crackers, 19
Box of chocolates, 23
Juice boxes, 38
Cheerios, 39, 55
Oreos, 50
Oatmeal cookies, 51
Tea, 68
Smoothies, 70
Ice cream, 97, 201
Pistachio, 97
Butter pecan, 97
Peppermint, 97
Rootbeer jelly beans, 118
Orange Soda, 155
Pizza, 200
Pasta, 201
Salad, 201
Orange Creamsicle, 202
Iced Cappuccino, 202
Stuffed grape leaves, 214
Baklava, 214
Lemonade, 214
Spanakopita, 214
Greek salad, 214
Ice cream buffet, 217
Scrambled eggs, 236, 33
Cokes, 255
Corn nuts, 255
Grilled cheese, 329
Brownies, 329
Milkshakes, 330
Peanut butter fudge, 330
Eggo waffles, 33
Pancakes, 36
Apples 39-40
Diet Coke, 56
Ben and Jerry's, 202

Music mentioned in Girls in Pants
Song: Walk on the Wild Side,95
Paul Simon,250
Old 97s
Nick Drake,294

Books/Authors mentioned in Girls in Pants
William Carlos Williams,1
Douglas Adams ,6
Willa Cather ,22
Oscar Wilde ,80
John Keats ,156
Elizabeth Bishop,166
Jane Austen,189
Abraham Maslow,197
Norman Mailer ,222
Ralph Waldo Emerson ,264
Victor Hugo ,276
Dr. Seuss,284
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina ,291
William Shakespeare,306
Leonard Cohen,368

Miscellaneous references in Girls in Pants
Brown University
Rhode Island School of Design
Williams College
New York University
Johnny Carson ,54
Marilyn Monroe ,26
Winston Churchill,103
SpongeBob Square Pants,114
Albert Einstein,123
Starsky & Hutch ,245
Christopher Columbus,376

Great vocabulary in Girls in Pants
bleated, 7
egregiously, 11
implicitly, 23
stupefaction, 24
demonstrative, 24
detritus, 37
trundle, 32
careened, 39
surliness, 76
harangue, 97
jaunty, 98
palliative, 100
calamitous, 108
insouciance, 117
surreptitiously, 121
paroxysms, 153
incongruent, 163
concavity, 165
churlishly, 171
circumspect, 173
insidiously, 200
petulance, 205
marauding, 223
balefully 244
mollified, 251
trepidation, 278, 300
perilously, 299
collusion, 371

Discussable Quotes from Girls in Pants
"Carmen hated the 'life is too short' rationalization. she thought it was one of the lamer excuses in the history of excuse-making. Whenever you did something because 'life is too short not to,', you could be sure life would be just long enough to punish you for it.",47

[Lena] "just wanted to draw. She just wanted to stay in that place where she understood things without thinking about them.",62

"What made you feel that stomach-churning agony for one person and not another?", 131

"Tibby was good at hiding. It was the one thing she knew how to do. She was good at sealing herself in a little box and waiting it out. But waiting for what? What was she waiting for?",224

"As a child, you were taught to see the world in geometric shapes and primary colors. It was as if the adults needed to equip you with more accomplishments. (Lena already know her color!) Then you had to spend the rest of your life unlearning them. That was life, as near as Lena could tell. Making everything simple for the first ten years, which in turn made everything way more complicated for the subsequent seventy.",252

Similes in Girls in Pants
"her peace had been sliced up like roast beef",62

"Listening to her friends' voices felt like hearing a familiar symphony, with one instrument coming in and layering atop another. The way the cadences linked and harmonized made her feel safe.",135

Movies mentioned in Girls in Pants
This is Spinal Tap
The Godfather ,140
The Naked Gun ,176