Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Book Menus is All About

Book Menus gives readers ideas for lively book-related events.  Are you a book group leader or member who needs to spice up your discussion of a specific book title?  Maybe you're a teacher who has assigned a particular book to your class and would like some tips on "bringing that title to life".  Perhaps you are a librarian planning a book-based program such as an author visit or community read project.

Book Menus will feature books that I have personally read (at least once, often more) and "dissected". By "dissected"  I mean I have made  lists of many details in the book that might help discussions, lessons, and events.  I make lists of all the food, drink, films, music, celebrities, and other books mentioned in the titles I read. I will share these lists on this blog.

I am a librarian with more than seven years of experience running book groups and other book-related events. I use all my book dissection notes and apply them to my events. So can you!  I serve foods mentioned in the books at the programs. (The members of my book group enjoy guessing what food I will serve at our next meeting!) I also make table tent signs with a quote from the book where the food is mentioned.  I often play some of the music mentioned in books, especially in the beginning as people arrive at the event (good ice-breaker).  I display the films and other books mentioned in the feature title so the event attendees can check them out, read them, etc.

What Book Menus won't provide: book summaries,  links to book reviews, and author biographies. There are plenty of great websites that cover these aspects of books.

Thanks for reading and may all your book events be delicious, well attended and lively!