Saturday, April 30, 2011


Book Menu for Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

ISBN of the edition I read:  0375825444 (paperback)

There is now a film adaptation of this book.  I have not seen it yet but it's on my list.

Food mentioned in Flipped:
Lemon Bundt cake, 14
Carrot salad, 29
Pomegranates, 36
Eggs, 74
Fettuccine, 56
Cheese-stuffed potato, 83
Corn flakes, 117
Pancakes, fried eggs, hash, 118
Poached salmon, crab risotto, steamed vegetables, 123
Cheerios, 129
Pancakes, 130
Strawberry milkshake, 134
Ice cream (chocolate swirl fudge), 136
Blackberry cheesecake, 147
Deviled eggs, 169
Strawberry tarts, 175, 201
Apple tarts, 182
Chicken salad sandwiches, 199
Oriental noodles, 199
Baby grapes, 199
Iced tea, 199
Fortune cookies, 199
Roast beef and muenster cheese sandwiches, 201

Books mentioned in Flipped:
Tom Clancy, 20

Great vocabulary in Flipped:
catapulted, 13
aesthetic, 22
transcended, 33
heady, 37
dilapidated, 55
indeterminate, 65
callously, 90
iridescent, 96
imminent, 118

Questions for Flipped:
What does the sycamore tree symbolize?

Who do you most relate to Bryce or Julianna?

Is there any significance to the cleaned yard and new lawn?(page 194)

What do you think of the book title and cover design?

What is Bryce's strongest quality?  And Julia's?  Their challenges?

What did you think about the Basket Boy auction?

What if anything do eggs symbolize?

What did you think of the alternation chapters and the same story being told twice?

Libraries mentioned in Flipped:
pages 126-128
page 142-143: Thursday our social studies class went to the library to do research for our famous historical figure report. I'd chosen Susan B. Anthony...

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