Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Reading

Book Menu for Summer Reading by Hilma Wolitzer

ISBN of edition I read:  9780345485861 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Summer Reading :
Lamb chops, 6
Mango mint iced tea, 10
Tea, 20, 35, 42, 144
Moroccan chicken stew, 38
Lamb curry, 38
Pad Thai, 38
Coconut Cream cake, 47
Mini pizzas, 51
Bite-sized burgers, 51
Fiona cake, 55
Chicken marbella, 70
Popcorn, 71
Coke, 71
Buttered bagels, 71
Mint juleps, 76
Poached salmon and truffled grits, 77
Pecan tartlets, 81
Cheese and fruit, 87
Grilled steaks and home fries, 96
Carrot cake, 96
Mineral water, 103
Fried olives, 103
Clam pie, 108
Cucumber wedges filled with salmon mousse, 119
Ice Tea, 137, 164
Gazpacho, 137
Lobster salad, 137
Fruit salad, 143
Banana bread, 144
Ice cream cones, 189
Empanadas with guacamole, 193
Margaritas, 193 

Books/Authors mentioned in Summer Reading :
Madame Bovary / Gustave Flaubert, front quote, 100, 131, 158, 174
Frankenstein / Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley , 6
Anthony Trollope, 9, 27, 38, 56
   Can You Forgive Her?, 6, 9, 74, 183
Jane Eyre / Charlotte Bronte, 12
Moll Flanders / Daniel Defoe, 13
The Little Engine that Could / Watty Piper, 15
Charles Dickens, 16
Henry James, 28
Philip Larkin (poet), 38
Anna Karenina / Leo Tolstoy, 40
Villette / Charlotte Brone, 56, 64
Frida, a Biography of Frida Kahlo / Hayden Herrera, 60
The Red and the Black / Stendhal, 109
Silas Marner / George Eliot,  109
Middlemarch  George Eliot 109
Grimm's fairy tales, 109, 203
Mrs. Bridge / Evan S. Connell, 137, 166, 194
Love in the Time of Cholera / Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 193
Virgina Woolf, 201
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / J.K. Rowling, 201
The Joy of Cooking  / Irma S. Rombauer Becker, 201
Charlotte's Web / E.B. White, 225 

Magazines mentioned in Summer Reading :
Vanity Fair, 9
Hamptons, 9
Vogue, 129
W, 129
Architectural Digest, 129

Music mentioned in Summer Reading :
Bach's toccatas and fugues, 15
The Beatles, 21-22
   White Album, 70
Chet Baker, 38
Charlie Parker, 38
"The Heat is On", 45
"Make Me Say it Again, Girl", 45
"Windmills of My Mind", 32

Television mentioned in Summer Reading :
Sex and the City, 74
Bewitched, 117

Libraries mentioned in Summer Reading :
page 13: "Stephen taught painting and drawing at Macon, and Valerie was a reference librarian there. She was the beauty in the family, with her wild auburn hair, those unfashionable hips, and that wonderful pale skin--the complete opposite of anyone's idea of a librarian.

Page 13: Angela got to know Valerie first, in the stacks at the library, where they'd conspired to track down a line of verse a student had likely plagiarized...

page 37: [Angela] liked the generous and well-read volunteers at the little library, and the people at the farm stands, where she honored the protocol of not husking the corn or squeezing the tomatoes before purchase.

page 37: Once in a while she had lunch or walked to the beach at Maidstone Park in the early morning with one of the librarians.

page 44: Maybe she could look her up somewhere, online at Hank's or at the library, and even get to see her photograph, but the name was lost as she kneaded the meat and added the salt and garlic powder and ketchup and bread crumbs.

page 59: Anglea was in the East Hampton library, waiting for the reference librarian to get off the telephone and help her to research something on the computer.

page 108: The library had purged itself of books that had not been borrowed from their shelves since the previous Fisherman's Fair, and they were up for sale, bargains all, arranged loosely by category on tables around the lawn...