Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Shot by John Feinstein

Book menu for Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery by John Feinstein

ISBN of edition I read:  0375831681 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery:
Papa John's pizza, 76
Starbucks coffee, 90
Soda, 96-7, 100, 102, 110, 189
   Coke, 114, 178, 194,220
Bagels, 116
Hamburgers, 126, 178
Cafe au lait, 163
Beignets, 163
Fries, 178
Sandwiches, 189

Books/authors mentioned in Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery:
Gone with the Wind / Margaret Mitchell, 65
Hamlet / William Shakespeare, 121

Famous reporters mentioned in Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery:
Dick Jerardi, 4
Mike Lupica, 4
Dick Weiss, 4, 15, 18
Tony Kornheiser, 4
Mike Wilbon, 4
Bobby Kelleher, 15

Great vocabulary in Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery:
obtuse, 50
gaggle, 58
interminable, 101
extricating, 105
letch, 112
conspiratorial, 187
gallivanting, 197

Discussion questions for Last Short: A Final Four Mystery:

If you had won the writing contest what would you have done, seen, and written about?

What is your opinion on student athletes (e.g. grades and playing)

What would you do in Chip's situation?

What role do journalists play in this story and in real life? What should their role be?

Is this story realistic? Why or why not?

Would this book be a good movie? (quote: last paragraph on page 50)

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