Monday, July 23, 2012

The Great Gatsby

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Edition I read: c1925, Charles Scribner's Sons (hardcover, 182 pages)

I hadn't read Gatsby since I was in high school more than twenty years ago.  This book was completely lost on me back then.  I picked it back up this weekend since a new film adaptation will be released on Christmas Day. Now that I am older, I can appreciate why this story is a classic.  The writing is stunning and precise but eloquentI can't wait to see Leo Dicaprio's version of Jay Gatsby.

Food mentioned in The Great Gatsby:
Claret (wine), 13
Champagne, 39, 47, 51, 103
Oranges and Lemons, 39
Spice baked ham, 39
Pig sausages and mashed potato, 57
Sauterne (wine), 77
Tea, 85
Lemon cakes, 85
Chartreuse (liquor), 92
Lemonade, 103
Gin rickeys, 117
Mint juleps, 126-7, 130
Cold fried chicken, 146

Books mentioned in The Great Gatsby:
Thomas Park D'Invilliers, epigraph
Simon Called Peter / Robert Keable, 29
John L. Stoddard, 13, 46
Hopalong Cassidy / Clarence Mulford, 174

Music mentioned in The Great Gatsby:
"The Love Nest", 96
"Three O'Clock in the Morning ", 110
"Beale Street Blues ", 151

Magazines mentioned in The Great Gatsby:
The Saturday Evening Post , 18
Town Tattle, 27, 29, 38

Theater mentioned in The Great Gatsby:
Follies , 41

Libraries mentioned in The Great Gatsby:
pages 45-6, 52, 54, 57, 92
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