Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Far From the Madding Crowd

Book menu for Far From the Madding Crowd
by Thomas Hardy

ISBN of edition I read: 0679405763 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Far From the Madding Crowd :
   (Volume 1)
      Cider, 13, 48, 65, 69, 147
      Bread and ham, 48
      Bread and bacon, 48, 120
      Plum pudding, 130
      Bread and cheese, 172
      Applies pies, 179

   (Volume 2)
      Cider, 21, 24, 49, 54
      Bread and ham, 22
      Batty cake, 27
      Ale, 49, 54
      Brandy and water, 49

Books/Authors mentioned in Far from the Madding Crowd :
   (Volume 1)
      Paradise Lost / John Milton, 82
      The Pilgrim's Progress / John Bunyan, 82
      Robinson Crusoe / Daniel Defoe, 82
      John Keats, 187

   (Volume 2)
      Pilgrim's Progress / John Bunyan, 22
      Francis Beaumont, 126
      John Fletcher
         The Maids Tragedy, 126
      The Mourning Bride / William Congreve, 126
      The Vanity of Human Wishes / Samuel Johnson, 126
      Othello / William Shakespeare, 126
      Love in a Village / Isaac Bickerstaff, 127
      The Maid of the Mill / Isaac Bickerstaff, 127
      Doctor Syntax / William Combe, 127

Music mentioned in Far From the Madding Crowd :
   (Volume 1)
      "Jockey to the Fair", 46, 76
      "Dame Durden", 77
      "The Girl I Left Behind Me", 96

   (Volume 2)
      "Soldier's Joy", 48-49
      "Majoy Malley's Reel", 178

My favorite quotes from Far From the Madding Crowd:
   (Volume 1)
   "It is safer to accept any chance that offers itself, and extemporize a procedure to fit it, than to get a good  plan matured, and wait for a chance of using it." (p. 46)

   (Volume 2)
   "It is difficult for a woman to define her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirs."

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