Thursday, June 15, 2017

Everybody's Fool

Book menu for Everybody's Fool by Richard Russo

ISBN of edition I read: 9780307270641 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Everybody's Fool:
Ginger-carrot soup, 18
Cheeseburgers, 32, 34, 53, 208, 214-215, 355, 445,
Ramps, 44-46
Cherry pie, 57, 64
Popsicle, 59
Coffee, 61, 64, 77-79, 153, 315, 333, 344, 373-374
Diet Coke, 93
French fries, 109
Cole slaw, 109
Cinnamon rolls, 112
Chicken with rice casserole, 113
Popcorn, 125
Genesee beer, 136
Pizza, 186
Friend chicken, 195, 205
Collard greens, 195, 205
Black-eyed peas, 195
Grits, 195
Watermelon, 195
Lamb chops, 196, 198, 205, 218, 228-229, 233
Salad, 196
Margaritas, 197
   Pinot Grigio, 209-210
   Red wine, 218
   Chardonnay, 290
Asparagus, 229
Cuba libre, 236
Banana bread, 270
Cappuccino, 287
Fruit, cheese, crackers tray, 289
Sausages, 315/316
Bacon, 315-316
Southern Comfort, 317
Orange juice, 342-343, 353, 433
Pringles, 343, 350, 353, 433
Cheetos, 350, 353, 357 (these also make an appearance in Empire Falls!)
Club sandwiches, 353
Meatball heroes, 353
Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potato, 353
Open-faced steak sandwich, 353-354
Hot dogs, 354
Grilled cheese, 354
Spaghetti, 354
Hot fudge sundae, 355
Scrambled eggs, 369
Linguica, 369
Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, 370, 372
Crumb cake, 374
Tea, 400, 442
Jelly donuts, 445

Books/Authors mentioned in Everybody's Fool:
Jules Verne, 19
Animal Farm / George Orwell, 315
Henry David Thoreau, 399

   "And while [Miss Beryl] feared [Sully] might be killed, this wasn't it, either. What truly frightened
   her, she explained, was the violence he would be doing to himself. He wasn't just placing himself
   at risk; he was putting his self at risk, the same self that Thoreau thought was worth defending
   and protecting, the self whose primacy Emerson had argued for."

Sylvia Plath, 415
Emily Dickinson, 415

Movies mentioned in Everybody's Fool:
Goldfinger, 93, 428
Animal House, 315

Music mentioned in Everybody's Fool:
"El Condor Pasa " / Simon & Garfunkel, 390

   "The static in [Raymer's] ears was almost as loud as the honking had been, but as he went back to
   his car he found himself happily humming a tune from a couple decades earlier and recalled the
   lyric: I'd rather be a hammer than a nail."

Libraries mentioned in Everybody's Fool:
page 96: "The only other thing in the glove box was, incredibly, the owner's manual. Badly as [Raymer] needed the painkillers, Raymer couldn't help himself. Dumbfounded, he took out the manual, which was encased in plastic like a library book. "Who has the owner's manual to a 'sixty-four Mustang?"

page 111: "Only after Ruth finally tumbled to the fact that her culinary efforts were being sabotaged, and compared the notecard recipes with others in cookbooks she'd check out of the library, did she begin to improve."

and pages, 180, 393-394, and 430!

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