Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wings of Merlin

Book menu for The Wings of Merlin by T.A. Barron

ISBN of edition I read: 0441010245 (trade paperback)

This is book 5 and the last installment in the Lost Years of Merlin series.

Food mentioned in The Wings of Merlin:
Gooseberries, 10
Raspberry syrup, 22
Walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, 24
Biscuits, 26
Baked apples with honey & cinnamon, 26
Oatcakes, 60, 74, 165
Berries, 74, 123
   Strawberries, 102, 123
   Blackberries, 123
Fruit pastry, 114
Pears, 123
Cherries, 123
Apples, 123
Plums, 123
Grapes, 123
Oatmeal porridge, 144
Apple cider, 144, 165
Dried fruit, 165

Books/Authors mentioned in The Wings of Merlin:
"Merlin and the White Death" (poem), Robert Williams Buchanan, epigraph

Music mentioned in The Wings of Merlin:
psaltery (instrument), 18
harps, 244
flute, 244

Great vocabulary in The Wings of Merlin:
iridescence, 11
chortling, 49
divisiveness, 65
astride, 73
copse, 73
verdant, 130
raucous, 150, 179
tumultuous, 151
boisterously, 166
coalesce, 196
reverberations, 221
incessant, 221

Discussion questions for The Wings of Merlin:
What was Merlin's most important lesson?
What do you think is Merlin's most useful power?
     Which power will best serve him in Britannia?
     Which of his powers would you most like to have?
What is Merlin's biggest flaw?
What does Rhita Gawr symbolize?
Describe the older Merlin. What would you say to your older self, if you could?

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