Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Quiet Until the Thaw

Book menu for Quiet Until the Thaw by Alexandra Fuller

ISBN of edition I read: 9780735223349 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Quiet Until the Thaw:
Coffee, 18, 40-41, 59-61, 65, 105, 219, 238
Berries, 40
Steak, 40
Eggs, 40
Fried potatoes, 41
Buffalo jerky, 62, 119
Enchiladas, 84
Burritos, 84
Fry bread, 84, 163, 219, 223, 245
Stew, 84, 163, 245
Whiskey, 95, 111
     Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 133
Beer, 95, 133
Malt liquor, 102, 111
     King Cobra, 66
     Colt 45
Berry stew, 223
Corn bread, 238
Pizza, 249

Books/Authors mentioned in Quiet Until the Thaw:
O Pioneers! / Willa Cather, epigraph
The Wishing Bone cycle / Howard Norman, epigraph
Timequake / Kurt Vonnegut, epigraph
"Quiet Until the Thaw" (poem), epigraph
William Shakespeare, 26

Music mentioned in Quiet Until the Thaw:
"I feel like I'm fixin' to die rag" / Country Joe McDonald, 34

Television programs mentioned in Quiet Until the Thaw:
Dallas, 179, 181

Magazine mentioned in Quiet Until the Thaw:
Life, 52
Time, 131

Some of my favorite passages from Quiet Until the Thaw:
p.45 : For the first time, rick Overlooking Horse understood that fear is what comes of trying to live more than one life at a time.

p.159 : In an almost unprecedented fit of loquacity, Rick Overlooking Horse told Squanto, "Remember this: There will be nothing to signal the start of your war. There will be nothing to signal its end. There's just your war. Only you will know it when it has started, and only you can choose when it will end."

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