Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Defending Jacob

Book menu for Defending Jacob by William Landay

ISBN of edition I read: 9780345533661 (trade paperback)

Food mentioned in Defending Jacob:
Whiskey, 14
Coffee, 24, 168
Bagels, 24
Pizza, 155
Chinese food, 155, 371
     General Gao's chicken, 372
Chicken pot pie, 156
Strings beans, 156
Lemonade, 156
Big Mac, 182
Ice cream, 221
Doritos, 352
Boneless spareribs, 372
Waffles, 400
Omelettes, 400
Hot cereal, 400
Rum punch, 403
Beer, 404-405
Pina coladas, 404

Books mentioned in Defending Jacob: A Novel:
A General Theory of Human Violence / Reynard Thompson, epigraph
Truman / David McCullough, 20
Franz Kafka, 102
J. D. Salinger, 125

Music mentioned in Defending Jacob:
"This is the Day" / The The, 278-279

Movies mentioned in Defending Jacob: Five Fingers of Death, 21
Sixth Sense, 35
The Usual Suspects, 36
Jaws, 42
The Matrix, 102
Love Story, 125
The Paper Chase, 125
Psycho, 189
Body Heat, 202

Television programs mentioned in Defending Jacob:
The Simpsons, 4
CSI, 335

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