Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Good Liar

Book menu for The Good Liar by Gregory Maguire

ISBN of edition I read: 0395906970 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in The Good Liar:
Fruit pies, 24, 31-32
Cognac, 33
Tea, 45, 123
Blackberries, 51
Blackberry tarts, 56, 59
Hard boiled eggs, 62, 64
Grapes, 62
Wine, 102
Salad 105
Sausage, 105
Apples, 105
Hard candies, 117

Books/Authors mentioned in The Good Liar:
Victor Hugo, 49, 85, 113
William Shakespeare, 78

Music mentioned in The Good Liar:
Mozart, 78

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