Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Lion Among Men

Book menu for A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire

ISBN of edition I read: 9780060548926  (hardcover)

Food mentioned in A Lion Among Men:
Risotto, xv
Wine, 3, 154
Chocolate, 4
Cognac, 4
Olives, 7, 254, 256
Apples, 11
Cocoa, 18
Sherry, 32, 78, 174
Strawberries, 40
Fruit pies, 44
Blueberries, 55
Vermouth, 71
Butter rolls, 88
Gin, 96
Potato stew, 98
Coffee, 125
Chicken stew, 159
Saffron cream, 169
Oatmeal fritters, 190
Tea, 253
Crumpets, 253
Ham sandwiches, 254
Garlic muffins, 261

Books/Authors mentioned in A Lion Among Men:
Goethe, epigraph
"I Consider My Luck" (from the anthology Brothers and Beasts) / Eric Kraft

One of my favorite passages from A Lion Among Men:

page 291: [Brrr] didn't remember that a mere book might reek of sex, possibility, fecundity. Yet a book has a ripe furrow and a yielding spine, he thought, and the nuances to be teased from its pages are nearly infinite in their variety and coquettish appeal. And what new life can emerge from a book. Any book, maybe."

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