Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Out of Oz

Book menu for Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire

ISBN of edition I read: 978006054897  (hardcover)

Food mentioned in Out of Oz:
Kaiser rolls, 2
Frankfurters, 3
Oranges, 3
Fried fish, 4
Tea, 6, 64-66, 75, 139, 262, 359, 384
     Mint tea, 431
Fortune cookies, 6
Brandy, 18, 47, 62, 91, 165
Sherry, 20, 96
Ale, 25
Cheese, 41-42, 348
Port, 42, 243, 424
Apples, 44-45, 365, 377
Ham, 46, 243
     Ham sandwiches, 272
Coddled eggs, 46
Biscuits, 49-50, 348
Hard boiled eggs, 71, 550
Cranberry fool, 83, 89
Wine, 87-88, 243
Bread & cheese, 91
Omelets, 130
Muffins, 130
Crumpets, 139
Doughnuts, 155
Coffee, 193, 265
Onion bread, 243
Caramel cake, 243, 245
Beer, 263
Whiskey, 284-285
Coffee bread, 300
Walnuts, 327
Oatmeal, 352
Mince pie, 365
Carrots, 365
Beet & ham pasty, 370
Scones, 372, 428
     Ginger scones, 348
Marzipan pig, 375
Lemonade, 416
Pasties, 506
Chestnuts, 506
Onion tarts, 506
Apricots, 506
Chocolates, 546

Books/Authors mentioned in Out of Oz:
John Howard Payne, 7
Sir Edward Dyer, 7

Music mentioned in Out of Oz:
"La Belle Dame sans Merci", 482

Libraries mentioned in Out of Oz:
p.50: "Into the lending library, Murthy," said Glinda.  "Quickly now. Move your arthritic hips or I'll run you down."
          The librarian was a retired Munchkin on a stool. She recognized him though she didn't know his name. "I'm looking to borrow a book that can teach one the essentials of preparing a meal," she said. "For dining, I mean. For human dining."
          "Books en't going to teach that, Lady Glinda," he said. "Mothers teach that. Closest I can help you with is a volume on animal husbandry, which has an illustrated index on slaughtering your own livestock."

p.109: The Lion backed up as the dwarf turned a red no beet would ever manage. "I sent you to collect a library book, and you come back with a child?"

Some of my favorite Out of Oz passages:
p. 145: "I may not know how to fly but I know how to read, and that's almost the same thing." (Grayce Graeling to Rain)

p.534: "People need something to be missing. They need to crave something they don't have."

p.536: grieve. Is that, in the end--that capacity to hurt--the most essential ingredient for a ruler?

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