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The Witch of Maracoor

Book menu for The Witch of Maracoor by Gregory Maguire

Food mentioned in The Witch of Maracoor:
Beer, 6, 215
Chowder, 27-28
Wine, 45, 108
Coffee, 58, 165, 178
Pistachios, 64, 127
Grapes, 66, 144
Meringues, 72
Hard cheese, 85
Port, 91
Nuts, 144
     Walnuts, 108
     Chestnuts, 150
Blueberries, 145
Apples, 150
Gooseberries, 150
Oatmeal and berries, 165
Boiled eggs, 178
Cheesy crackers, 206
Tea, 206
Sherry, 211
Lemonade, 234
Sausages, 256

Books/Authors mentioned in The Witch of Maracoor:
Twelfth Night / William Shakespeare, epigraph
"The Changing Light at Sandover" (poem) / James Merrill, epigraph

Discussable Quotes from The Witch of Maracoor:
"Any witch worth her ginger is at least somewhat immortal", p. 5

"One of the milestones of growing up is when we realize we can be done with living for others. Early on, we pay respect to the parents who gave us life by staying alive and living fully for them. Making their sacrifices worth it. I certainly labored under that belief for decades. But eventually we come round: we owe it to ourselves to live just as much as we owe it to anyone else.", p.166

Page numbers refer to the hardcover edition (ISBN: 9780063094062)

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