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Book menu for Election
by Tom Perrotta

Food mentioned in Election
Hot dogs, 20
Ice cream, 37
Pretzels, 38
Scotch, 44
Beer, 47, 70-71, 102
Jelly doughnuts, 52
Coffee, 53, 93, 111-112, 156, 158
Pancakes, 87
Cake, 89
Bourbon, 102, 150
Chicken casserole, 105
Cupcakes, 112-115
Champagne, 144
Schnapps, 151
Peanuts, 151
Roasted chicken, 152
Wine, 153
Hot fudge sundaes, 170
Ice cream, 172-173
Stuffed mushrooms, 176

Books mentioned in Election:
John Dewey, epigraph
William Trevor, epigraph
What to Expect When You're Expecting / Hedi Murkoff, 45
The Scarlet Letter / Nathaniel Hawthorne, 49
Sweet Valley High / Francine Pascal, 55

Ernest Hemingway, 89
John Grisham, 97
Anna Quindlen, 113

Music mentioned in Election:
Van Halen, 6
Jason Priestley, 76

Movies mentioned in Election:
Truth or Dare, 76

TV shows mentioned in Election:
Oprah, 14, 20
Jeopardy!, 53
Cheers, 149-150
Seinfeld, 153

Magazines mentioned in Election:
The New Republic, 170

Discussable Quote for Election:
p.180 "It's too late to shape [the minds of grown men], to teach them values and a sense of compassion. You have to do that when kids are young, before their personalities harden and they come to love their own ignorance."

Page numbers refer to the hardcover edition (ISBN: 9780399143663)

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