Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girl in a Cage

Book Menu for Girl in a Cage by Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris

ISBN of edition I read: 0399236279 (hardcover)

This is a beautifully written historical fiction for young adults. This adult reader loved it too!

Food mentioned in Girl in a Cage:
Turnips, 3
Walnuts, 53
Chestnuts, 53, 129
Cheese, 53, 143
Cakes, 53
Pears, 129
Bread, 143
Grapes, 153
Blackberries, 153
Honey, 153
Gooseberry tarts, 229

Music mentioned in Girl in a Cage:
Bagpipes, 106

Literary elements in Girl in a Cage:
      "He had a pleasant enough face--for an Englishman--with ruddy cheeks and a nose bulbed like a  leek." (page 7)
      "'The English are fanning out from Perth like spilled ink spreading across a sheet of parchment'"
           (page 91)
      "The morning hours seemed to crawl along, like a legless beggar in a town square." (page 131)
      "Above us on the rocky heights, the sodden trees dripped in sympathy with my own sunken spirits." (page 105)
      "It was one of the few places where sunlight had found a purchase..." (page 121)
      "His signet ring winked at me in the sun." (page 146)

Great vocabulary in Girl in a Cage:
prattling, 8
rebuke, 8
reivers, 13
pismires, 57
temerity, 99
lea, 101, 218
roan, 108
neeps, 111
tatties, 111
puir, 193
blearily, 216
gaoler, 228

Discussion questions for Girl in a Cage :
What is Princess Marjorie's relationship with the cage?