Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Audacity of Hope

Book Menu for The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

ISBN of edition I read: 0307237699 (hardcover)

Food mentioned in The Audacity of Hope :
Salad, 3
Beer, 17
Eggs Benedict, 45
Carrots, 50
Potato salad, 51
Fried chicken, 51
Pie, 50
Jello and grape halves, 51
Mai Tai, 106
Chicken, catfish, hoppin' Johns, collard greens, meatloaf, cornbread, 249
Coca-Cola, 274
Ice cream, 297
Borscht, 312
Potato stew, 312
Baskin Robbins, 331
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 331
Pizza, 349-350
Juice Boxes, 350

Books/Authors mentioned in The Audacity of Hope :
A Deficit of Decency / Zell Miller, 21
Harriet Tubman, 97
Profiles in Courage / John F. Kennedy, 129
Thomas Friedman, 145
The Other America / Michael Harrington, 252

Magazines/Newspapers mentioned in The Audacity of Hope :
New York Times, 24
Jet, 240
Ebony, 240

Music mentioned in The Audacity of Hope :
Joan Baez, 30
Mahalia Jackson, 30
ZZ Top, 143
Salsa, 262
Merengue, 262
Stevie Wonder, 330

Television shows mentioned in The Audacity of Hope :
Father Knows Best, 31
Dick Van Dyke Show, 31
Leave it to Beaver, 330

Libraries mentioned in The Audacity of Hope :
page 15: Michelle and I took [the girls'] hands, and together the four of us walked to the Library of Congress, where we met a few hundred well-wishers who had traveled in for the day, and spent the next several hours in a steady stream of handshakes, hugs, photographs, and autographs.

page 55: But our democracy might work a bit better if we recognized that all of us possess values that are worthy of respect: if liberals at least acknowledged that the recreational hunter feels the same way about his gun as they feel about their library books, and if conservatives recognized that most women feel as protective of their right to reproductive freedom as evangelicals do of their right to worship.

page 101: My staff will call up the local high school, library, or community college to see if they're willing to host the event.

page 196: We turned into the library parking lot and saw seven or eight protesters gathered along a fence...

page 230: There would be a commemorative stamp bearing her likeness, and countless streets, schools, and libraries across America would no doubt bear her name.