Friday, July 15, 2011


Book Menu for Monster by Walter Dean Myers

ISBN of edition I read: 0064407314 (trade paperback)

Food mentioned in Monster :
Eggs, 11
Eggs, sausages, potatoes, 14
Chinese food, 28
Cheeseburger, 71
Mints, 140
Scrambled eggs, potatoes, corned beef hash, 153
Fried chicken and wedgies, 180
Sodas, 180, 202
Frankfurters, 202

Great vocabulary in Monster :
dispensary, 2
admissible, 18
redress, 26
cacophony, 117
traversed, 135
concentric, 199
surly, 215
contention, 255
causative, 262

Activities for Monster :
Write an extra scene to the end of this story. What happens?

Discussion questions for Monster :
What impact do the flashback scenes have?
Who do you think shot and killed Mr. Nesbitt?
How would you film this story? (casting, set, black/white or color, etc.)
Who do you feel about Steve by the end of the story?
Describe Steve in one word.
What did you think of the format of this story? (screenplay, journal entries, pictures)
What do you think is Steve's view of himself?
Is the book's title appropriate and accurate?