Monday, January 30, 2012

Drive by James Sallis

Book menu for Drive by James Sallis

ISBN of edition I read: 1590581814 (hardcover)

I really didn't like the writing in this novel.  But, it has a great plot with a non-linear story.  I look forward to seeinthe film adaptation with Ryan Gosling. There is lots of food mentioned in it for such a short book..yum!

Food mentioned in Drive by James Sallis:
Horchata, 5
Slow-cooked pork and yucca, 9, 58
Burrito with machaca, tomatoes and jalapenos, 9
Spam and mint jelly on toast, 11, 145
Corn bread, 21
Rice with shrimp and chicken, 28
Tortillas with bean dip and
     slice cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes, 28
Chips and salsa, 37-8
Pizza (throughout the book)
     Sausage and extra cheese, 39
     Pepperoni and double cheese, 141
Steak and eggs, 52
Roast beef, 52, 109
Meat loat, 52, 109
Fried chicken, 52
Chicken friend steak, 52
Modelo beer, 58
Buffet items, 67
Steak with onions, peppers, and tomatoes, 72
Black beans, 72
Coke, 98
Buchanan's scotch, 100-1, 146
Hot wings, 109
Three-layer jello salad, 109
Pudding, 109
Carrot and celery sticks, 109
Green bean casserole, 109
Peanut butter sandwich, 113
Carrot juice, 118
Earl Grey tea, 119
Chocolate croissants, 119
Burgers, 125, 132
     with fried and coleslaw, 35-6
Steaks, 125
Chips, 125
     Fritos, 125
Vienna sausages, 125
Sardines, 125
Five-flavor shrimp, 127
Egg rolls, 127
Refried beans, 139
Pork stew with tomatoes, 139
Hunter's stew with homemade sausage, 153
Stuffed cabbage, 153
Onions and beef, 153
Pierogi, 153
Beef roulades, 153
Potato pancakes, 153
Borscht, 153
Duck, 153-55
Cognac, 155
Wine (Cabernet-Merlot blend), 154-55

Books/Authors mentioned in Drive by James Sallis:
Richard Stark, 5
George Pelecanos, 5
John Shannon, 5
Gary Phillips, 5
Henry James, 6
Virginia Woolf, 7
Johnny Walker, 13
Gray's Anatomy / Henry Gray, 64
"Nothing Gold can Stay" (poem) / Robert Frost, 85
"Bright Segment" (short story) / Theodore Sturgeon, 95
Don Quixote / Cervantes, 150
Jorge Luis Borges, 150-1

Movies mentioned in Drive by James Sallis:
Road House, 4
Glass Ceiling, 48
African Queen, 54
Thunder Road, 94, 96
The Thin Man, 111

Television program mentioned in Drive by James Sallis:
The Rockford Files, 111

Music mentioned in Drive by James Sallis:
I Pagliacci (opera), 95
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" / The Rolling Stones, 104
Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson duets, 115
George Barnes, 115
Sidney Bechet, 115
Django, 115

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