Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slaves of the Mastery

Book menu for Slaves of the Mastery by William Nicholson

ISBN of edition I read  0786805706 (hardcover)

This is the second book in the Wind of Fire trilogy.

Food mentioned in Slaves of the Mastery:
Pastries, 48
Honey, 63
Hot buttered pancakes, 72
Pie, 82
Berries, seeds, nuts, 127
Tea, 151
Lard cakes, 151
Sweet cakes, 247
Wine, 247

Music mentioned in Slaves of the Mastery:
virtuoso violin, 214
fiddles and pipes, 246

Great vocabulary mentioned in Slaves of the Mastery:
chasseurs, 2
lithe, 8
augur, 70
lissom, 77, 251
implacable, 116
sinuous, 122
protuberance, 126
goaded, 156
retinue, 256
jangle, 296

Discussion questions for Slaves of the Mastery:
Each member of the Hath family and other main characters seem to have their own way of coping. What are they?

The "Intervals" are written in the present tense.  The rest of the chapters are in the past tense.  Is this an intentional technique by the author?  Why? Successful?

Could the author have been thinking of the plight of the Jews when writing about "the homeland"?

Libraries mentioned in Slaves of the Mastery:
pages 157, 166

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