Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mirror of Merlin

Book menu for The Mirror of Merlin by T.A. Barron

ISBN of edition I read: 0441009654 (trade paperback)

This is the fourth book in the Lost Years of Merlin series. Be sure to check out the book menus for the other installments of the series at The Lost of Merlin, The Fires of Merlin, The Wings of Merlin,The Seven Songs of Merlin.

Food mentioned in The Mirror of Merlin:
Berries, 78
     Blackberries, 36
Roasted chicken, 157
Mince pie, 157
Apples, 157
Bread pudding, 157
Nut cakes, 157
Honeyed chestnuts
Strawberries with cream, 157
Ice cream, 158
Plums, 174

Book/Authors mentioned in The Mirror of Merlin:
W.B. Yeats, epigraph
The Wind in the Willows / Kenneth Grahame, 161
Tennyson (poet), 169

Music mentioned in The Mirror of Merlin:
Harp, 17, 159

Great vocabulary in The Mirror of Merlin:
slogged, 62
undulating, 63
sardonically, 78
brashness, 82
indefatigable, 150
indeterminate, 150
indecorous, 151
interminably, 155
cacophony, 177

Discussion questions for The Mirror of Merlin:
What to Hallia and Merlin have in common?
How many mirrors does encounter or experience?

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