Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Wind Singer

Book menu for The Wind Singer by William Nicholson

ISBN of edition I read: 0786814179 (paperback)

This the first book in the Wind on Fire trilogy.  

Food mentioned in The Wind Singer:
Toast, 6
Chocolate buttons, 99
Lemonade, 123-4, 313
Corn cakes, 207
Corn bread, 248
Cheese, 248
Milk, 248
Rice pudding, 316
Tea, 323
Oat biscuits, 323
Bread, 456
Fruit, 456

Great vocabulary in The Wind Singer:
serried, 22
furtively, 23
tethered, 75
tussle, 81
chortle, 97
placatingly, 50
careering, 236
undulations, 236
gesticulating, 244
juddering, 244
panache, 252
parrying, 284
haloed, 300
lumbered, 305
augured, 317
jaunty, 394
fusillade, 422
insuperable, 448
bedraggled, 475

Discussable quotes in The Wind Singer:
"What was there in the world beyond that anybody could possibly want?...Every citizen of Aramanth knew how fortunate they were to live in this rare haven of peace, plenty, and equal opportunity for all.", 34

"Indistinctly, he was sensing that the world he knew so well, the only world he had ever known until now, was a sort of prison, and that its people, his people, were trapped within its high walls.", 182

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